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Sew Kailua After School Beginning Sewing Tweens & Teens 2024

Written by Kamuela

After School Classes: Wednesdays 2:30 – 5:30 January 10 – February 7

cost: $350

Help them let their creative show!

Why Sewing:

  • Sewing brings the imagination to life in useable and expressive ways.
  • It opens up spacial thinking and invites the next challenge with confidence and courage.
  • Making something with your own hands changes how you see yourself. It transforms you into one who makes stuff. Every time you make something you move from consumer to maker: your world becomes more open, more becomes possible.

Give your kid the chance to see themselves as creative, capable and full of possibility. Give them a life long skill that helps them see themselves like you see them. Sign them up for sewing class.

This after school class is for kids 9 – 16. It is designed for a student who has little to no machine sewing experience.

Skills your child will learn in Beginning Sewing.

  • to use a sewing machine
  • trouble-shooting simple machine issues (that happen all the time)
  • to pin and cut fabric
  • make and use a simple pattern
  • fun fabric facts
  • to make a buttonhole & sew on a button
  • the mysteries of thread choice
  • the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of sewing supplies
  • repurposing tips and more

Making stuff makes kids hungry.  Please pack them a snack.

Classes are limited to 6 students with a minimum enrollment of 4. If your class is cancelled your money will be refunded.

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