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About Sew Kailua

Written by Kamuela

 Come be SEW happy.

Sew Kailua is the place to learn to sew, play and find the creative in YOU. We are committed to repurpose-inspired projects with such a passion that it will make you think twice about what you are tossing out. We offer classes, camps and inspiration mixed with examples of how easy creating with repurposed materials can be.

Sew Kailua classes are designed around what makes us brings us joy. It is our mission to help you cultivate your own sense of style and give you the confidence to weave your creative impulses into the fabric of who you are.

Join the new sewing revolution – let us help you make something that is totally YOU!

We offer classes for everyone from 6 and up – if you have a desire to see what your hands can make this place is for you!

Our kids classes are designed to teach simple handwork skills, ignite creativity and invite out the confidence of “I am Creative” in every child.

Our Tween and Teen classes move kids onto the sewing machines and into the world where they can begin to define themselves by what their hands and their creative ideas can do.

Our Adult classes are designed for the adult learner. This is not your high school Home Ec Classes; we laugh, we seam rip and everyone learns to sew.

Currently we do not offer non-class hours. if you have questions about anything we offer please send us an email or text

Sew Kailua & owner Kamuela’s roots.

Sew Kailua has been a long time dream of mine.  I grew up in Kailua, went to Kailua High School (where my mom was Mrs. Young the Art & AP history teacher), saved every $1 of babysitting money I made to spend on fabric at Fashion Fabrics and while my friends went to Hungry Ear Records I went to the fabric store to read the pattern books and touch the material.

Sewing was more then a hobby for me, it was happy escape into a world of creativity where color mattered and texture was as important as function.  Sewing opened a world of beauty for me; a girl who could not draw or paint but HAD to make things.  By 11th grade I was making most of my own clothes, I never went to a prom is a dress I did not make and I grew to see the mall was a place to shop for ideas NOT clothes or an identity.  Sewing gave me a way to be myself, it help me be comfortable with my body and it allowed me to see myself as a creative-maker in everything I did.

Sew Kailua is the merging of home and craft for me.  I have recently returned home after 20 years in Olympia Washington where I had a Teaching Sewing Studio called ReFabulous. I loved being in the Olympia Marker world, I loved the creative community I was a part of and our our family missed home.  Now that we are mostly settled in I find I miss my craft.  I miss showing littles and grown-ups what their hands can do and the joy that brings,  I miss making something everyday and I miss teaching people how to make something fabulous from an old t-shirt while showing them that everything has a second use.  The Kailua Girl in me remembers wanting a place where I could learn to make a stuffed animal, learn to use the sewing machine without braking the needle, read a pattern or fix my jeans so they fit.  So I am building what the girl in me wished she had 35 years ago; Sew Kailua – a place to learn, make and have fun while discovering what the marker in you can do.

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