What I learned during COVID

The Studio and I have been on pause, as so many of us have, since the start of COVID.  In the pause I huddle close to family, baked, worried, made masks like a small factory and let the pull of my naʻau speak to me.  

I learned so much about what deeply matters to me and what I value about the work I do.  I love what teaching people to work their hands can do for them and for me.  How helping an idea come to life can open a sense what what one can do and offer in the world.   

Sewing is a practical art; with it I can mend clothing and makes toys, stitch together a blanket or save the last bit of a memory made from cloth. 

It is also a kind of magic. 

With it I can create beauty with simple materials, speak love in stitch lines and transform an idea into something real.  Sewing can build so much more than the bringing together of materials.  It can build confidence. When you can make what you want – a version of what you see in your imagination – you can try the next imagined thing with a little more courage, little more excitement and a bit more trust in yourself.

I love what I do. I want offer what I do in a fuller way.  

In the Summer of 2023 Sew Kailua studio will return offering summer camps for kids. 

In the in between time I am going to seek partners in the nonprofit community to help me bring my art to their communities.  So if you know a non-profit looking to add a practical art that can shift a perspective to their communities, please suggest they email kamuela@sewkailua.com.  

Thank you,