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I love my job 4 out of 5 days a week – not bad for a job I made up.  Which leaves me lots of time to notice the stuff that matters to me.  These writings are a few of the things that matter enough to take the time to write down.  I spend a lot time working with my hands and talking story with the people around me. It gives my thoughts lots of space to play around.  I spend the first part of my adult life in academics, thinking on theories and asking students questions I hoped would move their lives into ones they liked. I still hopes this with every student, only now I have more places to look for the many answers out there.  My early relationship with academics colors and shapes many of the ways I see the the world, Sew Kailua has made it possible for my my hands and heart to lead this thinking.

Below are little snips of some of those feeling.

How Sewing Saved my Teenage Soul

I believe sewing invites imagination, inspires creativity, builds self-confidence and helps teens create a sense of self that is fabulously theirs. It also gives them a place to stand that is healthy and honest. It give their hands a way to MAKE that speaks their voice and it gives them a real perspective on their body. Sewing saved me as a teen from the tight jeans of the 80s — I could not get the zipper fly to look right so I had to design my own, and the need to go to the mall and shop — I could make what I wanted and the fabric store offered so many more choices at a price point my babysitting earnings could afford.  I sewed.  I could see myself differently, which I have learned has made me more able to see myself.

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