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Tween After School Sewing – Working with a Pattern

How to be sure of this class is right for your teen: can they: use a sewing machine and feel confident sewing a straight line?  If not, take a look at our Teen Beginning Sewing Camps.

This class is designed for TWEEENs. That unique time when they are sure they can do anything (and they can!) and they want to be there already mixed with a desire to be more grown up but still have the whimsy of a kid. I love this time – its party dresses and stuffed animals – and the distraction of ribbons, buttons and other odd little things. Its the twilight of kiddo time before they jump into the TEENS. So we make stuff that fits that glitter and fluff moment. Your tween will have a few playful patterns to make their own and a huge selection of fabrics to pick from.

Class is 3 Tuesdays afternoons: Nov 19 – Dec 3 3:30 – 5:30pm enroll here

class cost is $200 includes all materials.

We learn: about patterns, how to understand the ‘language of a pattern’, how to use all the funny symbols printed all over it and how to work one to completion.

After three weeks your tween will go home with something they made, and are proud of, AND the confidence – and know how – to work a simple pattern on their own.

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