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Teen Design Program

Written by Kamuela

This program is designed to keep your teen sewing, expressing their sense of style and feeling uniquely themselves everyday!

Teen Design Program is a punch card mentored program.  Students bring their ideas and designs and together we transform their ideas into reality.

Program starts Nov 7 2019

$150 for a 10 hour card click here to enroll

This group meets twice a month:  1st and 3rd Thursday, afternoons from 3:30 – 5:30 pm – this is a punch card drop in class – meaning you come when you want and work at your own pace.  Punch cards are kept at the studio so no one has to keep them in their wallet.

Think project runway – no stress and no drama, and lots more mentoring.     Teen Design is all about the kid and the project coming together.  We move at a human pace and support each other to create.  Along with the sewing mentoring, this group also touches on the difference between style and fad, how size really works and lots of repurposing tips, because feeling good in what you make and wear is never just about the clothing.

We are building a community of creative teens. If your teen has creative desires, but doesn’t know where to start, this is the program for them.  The studio is full of patterns and book and creative inspiration that will inspire them AND give them a starting place.  We have lots of great little bits to that make the creative process both fun and dynamic.  When you teen joins this community and they get lots more then table space and good lighting – they get a studio of inspiration, a room of other teens making stuff and laughing and the best part is when someone finishes everyone cheers.  It the kind of space we all need.

class level: Advanced Beginner

You are an advanced beginner if: you can thread the machine comfortably, have used a pattern and can sew in mostly a straight line. You feel comfortable with the basics and are excited to try more challenging waters. You’re still fairly new to sewing with patterns and could use help manipulating the patterns to fit your body. You want to add some new skills into the mix; like zippers, finish and detail work.

For teens and tweens this can include after school sewing and/or summer sewing 100 and a sewing 102.

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