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Skirt Saturday

Written by Kamuela

Ever Wondered what it would like to have a skirt that fit perfectly?

Come MAKE one and feel the JOY!

We will walk you through all the tricks.

We construct a skirt most months, and we make it LOTS of fun.
A few hours of sewing and camaraderie, and you will have a ONE OF A KIND skirt of your own.  If your don’t finish up in class we had a ‘finish up card’ for $5 that gets you the help and time you need on either Wednesday evening or Friday afternoon.  We want you to love what you make!   Join us and be Sew Happy!

Saturday,  Aug 24,  Wrap Skirt  10am – 1

$60 full

This is a great simple skirt that is easy to wear with a t-shirt, a nice blouse or a bikini – it shifts to fit you instead of you shifting to fit it.  And, honestly isn’t that the dream when it comes to our clothing.

Materials needed: 2 yards of woven fabric – cotton, silk, linen and blends work great.

Sewing level:  Beginner:  Skills: You will learn to cut, fit and use a pattern and a few finish seams so it is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

Saturday, Sept 21  T-Shirt Skirt  10am – 1

$60 sign up here

T-Shirt skirt – transform those boxy t-shirts into something worth wearing!

We are making something Awesome! We are transforming the boring t-shirt into a fab skirt!

We all have t-shirts in our closet that we NEVER will wear. You know the ones you get for being part of a team or running a race or that shirt that your husband has that you really like but is two sizes wrong for you. Grab that shirt – we are going to make it wearable as a SKIRT. If it has a design you like on it all the better – we can play with it and make it fun.
This is a simple skirt – elastic waist and gored shape, knee length. Perfect for Spring!

Materials need: a big shirt – grab two the same/close in color if you have them – cotton blend is what we are looking for, make sure it has some stretch to it. Long sleeve or short does not matter.

Sewing level: Beginner: Skills: You will learn to cut, fit and use a pattern, to work with knit and and elastic and a few repurpose tricks.

Saturday, Oct 26  Zippered A-line Skirt with thread art

10- 1pm  $60 sign up here

In this skirt class we play with how thread can change a simple skirt into one that speaks YOU.

materials needed: one 7 inch zipper -nylon for comfort and 2 yards of woven fabric: the green skirt above is made from once-loved linen table cloth and the brown one from a piece of corduroy – both are fabulous to wear.

Sewing level:  Beginner.  Skills: You will learn to cut, fit and use a pattern and a few finish seams and how to put in a center zipper.

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