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Sip and Sew

Written by Kamuela

This class is about relaxing and enjoying the process of making something … with a glass of wine and a simple project you can turn your week around!

Sew Kailua will supply the project, a decent glass of wine and all the advice you need to let your creative spirit breath and play. This is grown up play time – craft class of your youth – the sandbox of your imagination – the play place we all long for when sitting in traffic or endless meetings — only we are not 12 anymore so with wine!

class cost $40

Wednesday Evening Jan 15 6:30 – 9pm

In the spirit of no more single use stuff we are making produce bags – beautiful – simple – useful.

Perfect for the dream-life – a world where we buy bread fresh and NEED a bread bag and our apples look so lovely against the cream of the bag you carry them home in, and I buy rice in smaller portions and we all bike to the store and we eat local all the time … ahh the dream … without the reality of a real life where we have kids to get places, bags that get forgotten on the kitchen counter and honestly who buys rice in less then 30 pound bags! I want to do what I can to leave a better place for my sons so I start where I can – the produce bag. We will make a few – you choose the size and the colors. We will drink organic wine and dream of simpler lives!

Wednesday Evening Feb 12 6:30 – 9pm

Wednesday Evening March 11 6:30 – 9pm

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