Fall Teen Sewing Camp Oct 14-18 1-4:30pm


Tenn Machine Sewing Camp – 5 afternoons and they will have a life long skill and a new confidence around what their hands can do.


perfect for ages 9 – 17

Nurture your child’s creative spark and feed their sense of accomplishment. Learning to Sew can give your teen the confidence to be themselves and discover their own Brand of Fabulous. Sewing gives a skill-set that invites creative expression, when they have that, they have a way to stand out that is healthy, unique and lasting. Its the best gift you can give your kid – a way to be themselves.

Monday – Friday 1-4:30pm

please make sure your tween or teen brings a good snack to class.

class is limited 8 students

Knowing how to sew set my life as a preteen in the direction of believing I could do nearly anything with my hands and imagination. It made me as I made skirts and dresses and gifts for family and friends. Knowing how to sewing shaped my identity as I transformed my bedroom with fabric and texture. It allowed me to speak my style at every dance and taught me the value of my time and my babysitting money. Sewing became my way of speaking ME to the world without even realizing that was what I was doing.  It remains a form of magic and joy so 40 years later.

each camp is limited to 8 students
minimum enrollment is 4 students
if a camp is cancelled your money will be refunded
or you will have the option of enrolling in a different camp