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One Day Classes

Written by Kamuela

These classes are designed for the beginner to advanced sewist. They are quick classes – 4 hours gets in you in and out with something you made in hand. Nothing like making something and still having time to spend with family, friends or a good book. I love a quick make & take class because it opens up my creative mind without asking too much of me. After class you will feel accomplished, creative and more relaxed. BONUS: come Monday your brain will be quicker and more ready for whatever life tosses your way. (there is research that proves this!)

One Day Classes: click for find dates/times and project.

Skirt of the Month: Every month we make a different skirt. You will learn a new skill set, have some fun and walk out in a new skirt.

Make it/ Wear it: In this class we make something to wear – something quick and fun and usually a bit playful.

Mending Basket: In this class we tackle a new project each time. We use some basic sewing to turn your closet into a place you love.  You have already made the investment in the stuff hanging there, now take it the next step and make it all fit you.  After this class you will have a different relationship with your clothes and your body and never need to pay someone to hem for you again!

FAB Sewing Techniques: In this series of classes we are focusing on the details; on the techniques that require attention and creates amazing result.

Make: In this adult class we are making fabulous thing to fill our world with beauty and joy. Think things around the house that make you smile; some useful, some playful, all simply blissful in one way or another.

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