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HOME SEWING CAMP: Thriving with Kids through COVID-19. Free Hand Sewing Patterns and instructions.

Sew Kailua will not be offering classes or camps over this health extended Spring Break. We are socially isolating, eating healthy foods including lots of bone broth and veggies, and resetting our energy and relationships. Part of this process is that Sammy and I will be spending a lot of quality time together. Sammy is 4.5 – and will tell you so in the first 5 seconds of meeting him – he is active, full of questions and sure he is able to do EVERYTHING! I am nervous I will need more naps than him!

I want to offer all the Mommys & Tutus out there who are looking for something to do other then watch TV an option, so I am going to share some of Sew Kailua’s patterns here over the next few weeks. will will call it HOME Sewing Camp. It will surprise you to see how happy your kiddos can be making something – how much more interested they become in what their hands can do and how proud they are of what they have made. Sew Kailua (and my previous business Refabulous) work primarily with repurposed materials – in other words – stuff you already have at home. That old strunken sweater, old t-shirts with pukas (holes), you know the stuff you keep meaning to get rid of – is all perfect for making little animals and fun projects. So grab an old t-shirt or sweater and find the needle and thread – any thread will do – and lets make some memories!

Here are the basics you will need: All coming soon

Jelly Fish Pattern and instructions : great for little hands and a parent together and a kiddo looking to make stuff fast.

Shooting Star Pattern and instructions:

Sweet Mouse Pattern and instructions:

Silly Bunny Pattern and instructions:

Sammy and I are going to make a this week – it will likely take team Mommy/Sammy much longer to finish one sweet mouse then it would take me to make a 6 – and that will truly be hardest part – slowing down so he can be part of it in a meaningful and successful way, but it will also be the most rewarding. I promise it will be worth the energy it will take (and it will take more than you think!) to slow down and make it together. For Kiddos 6 and up its a great fun to do as a side by side project, and after your first set together they may end up making a whole nest of bunnies without you.

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