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Face Mask Kits: Information, Pattern & Instructions

face mask
Written by Kamuela

We have Free Face Mask Kits at Sew Kailua.

Folks have been asking how they can help, making a donation is one way

Kits are at the Studio gate: Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9am & 4pm

Our address is 155 Pukoa Street, Kailua.

The THRIFTY sewist in me is SO excited about the mask redesigned! This pattern use 3 INCHES of 1/2 -1 1/2 elastic – you know the stuff in your waist bands, and a 8″ strip of T-shirt!

Freaking out right about now – too much inside time, too many things to fret over, no where to move that energy! I have a suggestion for moving that nervous energy that is healing and lets you help someone else at the same time.

Let’s make Fabric Masks. I will have FREE kits for pick-up with everything you need to make 2 sizes of adult masks and 1 kid mask (3-5 year olds)

Make a mask for you and the Aunty down the street who is always so sweet to your kids or your Tutu or any other Kupuna that might need a little extra safety when they go for a walk. These masks are not nearly as effective as the N95 rated face mask – but they are something and will help remind everyone not to touch their face. BONUS we can make them happy and fun! Happy will keep our immune systems working just a little bit better!

*Insert a non-woven fabric if you can’t find any surgical mask in the market. OR an air-dried piece of the anti-bacteria wet wipe as the filter insert. Throw away the filter correctly and wash the face mask every day.

Here is the pattern and the normal-speak instructions to download:

NEW pattern and instructions

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