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DONATE to the Face Mask Kits

Written by Kamuela

Folks have asked how they can help. Donations are great!

If you feel like helping beyond the donation button I need 100% cotton fabric for both the lining and the outer mask and elastic.  About 2 weeks in I used up all the first big fabric donation RJC Hawaii donated.

I will keep doing putting kits out as long as folks keep coming to get them!

On March 21st I started what I imagined would be a quick community project that overnight become a part time job!  I love the idea that so many people are sewing what they need right now.  As of April 17th Sew Kailua has put out there over 1300 masks as kits and about 200 sewn masks as donations to Kupuna and community at risk. 
1300 masks = 80 yards of lining fabric , 90 yards of outer fabric, 270 yards of elastic, 6 rotary cutter blades and a whole lot of early mornings.

My Family has been amazing with their support and my youngest son has become rather good with the scissors and someday I might even plug “his” sewing machine in!

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