Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Written by Kamuela

We will be starting adult classes soon

Mending Basket

Are you Ready to love your closet and feel great in the clothes you already own? Ever wondered why your clothes don’t fit and feel right … its not you … they were designed that way.  Starts July 27 10 -12

Skirt of the Month

Ever Wondered what it would like to have a skirt that fit perfectly?  Come MAKE one and feel the JOY!  We will walk you through all the tricks.  We do a different skirt every month on a Saturday.  August 10th 10:30am

Adult & Teen Summer Camp – Beginning Sewing

Teen & Adult mix class.

You do not have to have a teen to take this class, and you don’t have to feel like an adult all the time either, you can just want to learn to sew while having fun.  

Want the start of a different relationship with your teenager? Learn something new for the both of you together. It is a great way to get to know them (and them you) without the normal dynamic in play. You will bond without even realizing it!  This Adult/Teen camps is an intense version of our Beginning Sewing 101 class – all the skills, all the fun, all in 4 days. July 22–25  Monday-Thursday  9:30 – 1:30p. 

Beginner Sewing 101

Our Beginning Sewing classes give you fabulous results.
In three weeks you will know your way around a sewing machine, know how to make a few finish seems, work with a simple pattern and have a simple bag you designed in hand.  And you will have FUN!   Starting in September

Sewing 102: Working a with Pattern

If you want to learn to use a commercial pattern but they still seem like a whole other language  — then this is the class is for you!  We make using patterns easy, fun, repeatable and FIT!  Starts in October

Sewing Techniques made Easy

In this series of classes we are focusing on the details; on the techniques that require attention and creates amazing result.  Starts in October

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