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Adult & Teen Summer Camp Beginning Sewing

Written by Kamuela

Add more CREATIVE to your life!

Sew Kailua Beginning Sewing classes are a fun way to get your hands and your ideas working together.  I promise you will laugh and be creative, and you may wonder why you waited so long to learn to sew.

Our Beginning Sewing programs give students fabulous results.  

Sewing 101: Beginning Sewing  

Teen & Adult mix class.  Class Cost $300

Want the start of a different relationship with your teenager? Learn something new for the both of you together. It is a great way to get to know them (and them you) without the normal dynamic in play. You will bond without even realizing it!

When I was 12 my mom and I took a Jazzercise class – it was the worst – BUT it was the worst for both of us – we learned together that we got lost when there was counting and moving involved and while I went on to take lots more dances classes and love them we still laugh about that class (a good shared memory) so 40 years later. I can always get my mom laughing if I say ‘hey mom look a Jazzercise class is starting soon”

you will learn in Sewing 101:

  • use a sewing machine
  • trouble-shoot simple machine issues (that happen all the time)
  •  make a variety of finish seams
  • sew a buttonhole and button
  • make and use a simple pattern
  • fabric facts
  • the mysteries of thread choice
  • the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of sewing supplies
  • repurposing tips and more

After three weeks you will go home knowing your way around the sewing machine, with a simple market bag you designed in hand and ready for Sewing 102: Working with a Pattern.

Sewing 101 classes includes a 4 hour punch card that is good for any Open Sew day. This will get you in the habit of sewing and thinking about making what you long for!

What you need for  the Adult Sewing 101 class:

Much of what you need for this class is already in the studio. We have machines and all the sewing tools you will need, HOWEVER if you have a sewing machine you would like to learn to use, please bring it with you. If you do, bring everything you got with it: sewing feet, all the plugs and cords and the instruction book.

Repurposing is a huge part of what we do at Sew Kailua and it is my hope to show you that there is unused fabric everywhere in your life.  To that end I have lots of repurposed fabric in here in the studio, most of which is free to Sewing 101 students.

Here is what we are going to be doing in Sewing 101:

  • Day 1: You learn how to use the machine and get a little history that will change the way you look at a sewing machine. We will learn the basics functions of the sewing machine and do some practice stitching that is both functional and fun and learn a few finish stitches (these are the things on the inside of your clothes).
  • Day 2:  You will learn to draft, draw and cut a simple pattern based on your bag design (you get to design to your needs instead of fit your needs to a design). We will learn some fabric cutting skills and then get to making your unique bag using the skills from day 1.  If you bring your own fabric you will need 1 yard of cotton or cotton blend – no stretch, please.
  • Day 3: You work on your bag with step by step instructions and a good guide.
  • Day 4: You do any last finish work on your bag and take your new skills into another quick project so you can see that you are a maker! You will go home as “one who sews”

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